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2022 Information Sheet for International Bachelor Applicants

Qingdao University 2022 Information Sheet

for International Bachelor Applicants


留学生单独授课 Programs only for international students:



Full-time Chinese language undergraduate program for international students,4-year program.(It requires HSK4 (210+); CIS Available; CIS requires HSKK (Intermediate)60+)



Full-time Dual-degree in Chinese language& Business undergraduate program for international students(It requires HSK4(180+); CIS Available),4-year program.



Full-time Clinical Medicine undergraduate program for international students(Chinese-taught),5-year program.(It requires HSK4(180+).


Applicants without HSK4(180+) could attend Language Foundation Program for 1 year. After completing the Foundation Program with HSK4(180+) and pass the evaluation could enter the 5-year undergraduate program.



English-taught Bachelor program of Clinical Medicine,6-year program(Language Requirement:

·Applicants with English as native language.·Applicants from non-English speaking countries must provide IELTS (6.0 or above), new TOEFL (75 points or above) or other comparable certification of English proficiency. ·Applicants who have obtained their highest degree with English as the medium of instruction are exempted from providing language proficiency certification, but proof indicating the language medium is required)

与中国学生同堂中文授课 Same programs with Chinese students

青岛大学招收中国学生的院系专业均接收外国留学生。 Teaching in Chinese with Chinese students: Qingdao University recruits Chinese students to receive foreign students.


For the majors, please refer to :www.qdu.edu.cn


申请资格:Application qualification


Foreigner who is healthy and abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government. Academic credentials equal to or above that of a Chinese high school diploma; In addition to the Chinese language major, HSK 6(180+) is required for other Chinese teaching majors. 18-25 years old.

(英文授课)临床医学专业要求另见项目简章。Bachelor program of Clinical Medicine(English-taught)  requirements will be notified separately.

申请时间:Application time

同堂授课专业:2022年4月20日前Classroom teaching: Before April 20, 2022

单独授课专业:2022年6月20日前  Separate teaching: Before June 20, 2022



申请材料:Application Materials


Application Form for degree-seeking international students at Qingdao university(Fill in online)

2、 护照复印件(扫描上传) Copy of your passport(Scan upload)

3、高中或以上毕业证明和成绩单(扫描上传)Diploma from high-school or college(University),Transcripts.(Scan upload)

4、HSK成绩(扫描上传)HSK Certificate (Scan upload)

5、英语水平证明(英文授课专业) Certificate of English proficiency For English-taught Program (Scan upload)

6、经济担保函及担保人身份证明Financial Guarantee Statement with front page of the sponsor’s passport or proof of identification.



Application Fee:400RMB. MBBS (English Taught Program )is 800 RMB. (When the application is approved, the account will be sent by email to the registered email address, please upload the proof of paying the application fee.) This payment can be made by bank transfer or at school. Application fee cannot be returned

学费标准:Fees instructure:


类 别Type



(first entrance to QU)

2.学费/学年Tuition per Academic Year


Liberal Arts & Science and Engineering



本 科 生 Bachelor Degree







临床医学 MBBS

(英文授课)English Taught



临床医学 MBBS

(中文授课)Chinese Taught





因个人原因中途退学,学费不予退还。No refund of tuition due to personal reasons will be available during study.

四、网上申请流程 Online application process


Please log in the foreign student application system of Qingdao university within the registration opening time: http://istudy.qdu.edu.cn/register and truthfully fill in the information online.


After checking the registration information, please upload the proof of paying the registration fee.


After confirming the fee voucher, we will issue the“E-offer”admission notice online. Please pay attention to the registration email reminder.


If you are an applicant who is applying for scholarship, please refer to the corresponding scholarship notes. Continue filling up online after your application has been accepted.

五、住宿 Dormitory


For detailed information, Please see “Dormitory Guide” or Email to fengmowei514@126.com

六、录取 Admission


Applicants with satisfactory applications will receive an “Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for International Students and Scholars to China (JW202 Form).” Please apply for an X1or X2 visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country by using our materials. Please fill in the mailing address and related information correctly. For details of visa process please check with the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.


A specific major is required to take an entrance exam before entering the school.



Registration time would be end August 2022 or Early September. You are required to register at the International Students Office during the registration period specified in Admission Notice.

八、联系方式 Contact Details


邮政编码: 266071

Add: International Students Office, Qingdao University, 308 Ningxia Road, Qingdao 266071

电话(Tel):(86) 532-85953863; 邮箱:oip@qdu.edu.cn