FAQS of Studying at QU


I. Application

1. What majors does QU offer for foreign applicants?

Please visit the following website to download the list of colleges and majors:



2. How can I apply for a certain major?

All majors of QU require online application. please refer to following website for detailed application procedure:



3. What should I do if I cannot receive the activation email when applying online

You should use an email account with a China sever, e.g. 163, 126. If you cannot register, please call us at +86-532-85953863 or send an email to oip@qdu.edu.cn with your name and passport number, the teachers will help to activate your account.


4. What do the Non-Chinese permanent mailing address, Place of birth and Name of current school, university, or employer refer to respectively?

1) Non-Chinese permanent mailing address: Your address out of the territory of China. Please be as specific as possible.
2) Place of birth: The name of the city where you were born.
3) Name of current school, university, or employer: For students or those who have just graduated, please fill in the name of the school or university you are in or graduated from. For those who are working, please fill in the name of the company you are working for.


5. Must the guarantor charging your case be a Chinese?

The guarantor can be either a Chinese or a foreigner, e.g. the applicant's parents, relatives and friends. However, a student or staff work in international students office of QU cannot be the person.


6. When should I pay the application fee?

You should pay the application fee when the application status is “学院审核中”(under review by college), and upload the proof of payment to the application system. You are not required to pay the application fee if there is no reminder in system. Please note that the proof of payment should be uploaded to the system before the application deadline.


7. What should I do if I find I had filled in the wrong passport number (or other important information) when applying online?

The applicants are not allowed to correct any information after submitting the application online. Please contact the admission office if you need to correct or update any important information.


8. How can I find out the admission result?

For CSC/CIS scholarship applicants, please check the information of CSC/CIS website.

For other programs (self-support language or degree students), please check the online application system of QU.


9. How long does one application take?

It will take about 4 weeks to process one application. If you are accepted, we will mail you the admission notice and visa application form (JW202) by post.


10. When can I receive the admission documents?

You will receive your admission documents about 10 days after your application status in the system “入学确认”(waiting for confirmation of enrollment). The documents will be sent to the mailing address you provided in the QU application system; therefore, please provide exact and detailed address when applying. If you don’t receive the admission documents on time, please email us for tracking number.


11. How to apply for pre-admission? (For master/doctoral applicants of Chinese Government Scholarship)

Please refer to below website for the procedures:



12. What is the application procedure for those who are studying in Chinese universities other than Qingdao University?

Besides all the documents required(listed on the Application Form), you should also provide the following documents:
1) A sealed transfer letter from the Foreign Students' Office of the university;
2) A recommendation letter from the class teacher of the university concerned;
3) A photocopy of the student's visa or residence permit in China.


13. Should I reserve the dormitory and how?

The university will reserve dormitories for all the scholarship students and exchange students. For self-support students, please reserve dormitories via the dormitory reservation line at +86-532-85953117.


II. Scholarship

1. How can I get the latest information about scholarship?

The university will update information about scholarships on following website:



2. How can I get the latest information about Chinese government scholarship?

You can get up-to-date scholarship information by visiting www.campuschina.org or www.csc.edu.cn/laihua. You can also consult the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General) in your home country or designated Chinese universities for your interested information.


3. Can I apply for a master/doctoral scholarship without a supervisor’s permission?

Yes, applicants are equally allowed to apply for master/doctoral scholarship. However, the university will give preference to applicants with supervisor’s permission. We suggest all applicants contact the supervisor before applying.


4. What are the application steps after receiving pre-admission of Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship?

After you receive the pre-admission, please finish the application to study at QU, either.

Website: http://istudy.qdu.edu.cn/apply/



III. Payment

1. How much should I pay for the insurance?

With regard to the rules of the People's Republic of China, students that study for one semester or longer term in China should purchase Chinese Comprehensive Hospitalization Insurance, which is 400 RMB for one semester or 800 RMB for a year. International students are supposed to pay it in full amount along with the tuition. Those who refuse to buy the insurance cannot register.


2. How to pay the application and tuition fees?

There are two payment methods:
  (1) Cash: RMB. Come to the Admission Office and pay the fees. (Address: 1st Floor, Minxing Building, Qingdao University, 308 Ningxia Road, Shinan District, Qingdao)
  (2) Bank transfer: Bank-transfer the fee to the bank account of QU. (See account information below)

- Remittance way in ChinaFor RMB





- Remittance way overseasFor RMB and foreign currency


ACC: 227306216359







3. Will it be possible for me to get my application fee and documents back?

The application fee cannot be refunded, and the documents are not retrievable.


4. Should I pay the tuition in advance when applying online?

X2 visa applicants (whose study duration is less than 180 days) should pay the tuition when applying online. Other applicants could pay the tuition in cash during registration days. Please note that payment of credit card, WeChat and Alipay are not accepted during registration days.



IV. Registration

1. When to register?

There will be accurate information on the Admission Notice for you. Generally, short-term (one semester or shorter) students: 1 to 3 days before the courses start; long-term (one year or longer) students: 1 to 5 days before the courses start.


2. How can I get to the university from the airport? Will the university provide pick-up service?

QU does not provide pick-up service (except for exchange students). If you arrive at Qingdao Liuting International Airport, we suggest that you take a taxi, for which the cost will be about 150RMB. If you arrive at Qingdao Railway Station, the taxi cost will be about 40RMB. If you arrive at Qingdao North Railway Station, the taxi cost will be about 80RMB.


3. What is the detailed address of International Students’ Office?

Go to the left side after you enter the main gate of QU (308 Ningxia Road), turn left at the first corner, go straight and then turn right at the first corner, go straight and you will arrive at Minxing Building. The registration hall (International Students’ Office) is on the 1st floor.


4. What should I do if I arrive at QU in non-office-hours?

The front desk of international students’ dormitories is just opposite to the International Students’ Office, 1st floor of Minxing Building. If you have already reserved dormitory, you can go to the front desk and check in.


5. What should I bring for registration?

Please read the Notice of Registration (which is sent with your admission notice) carefully, and prepare the documents according to the requirements. Since you are probably required to pay the application fee (for CIS scholarship students and exchange students, 200RMB or 400RMB), tuition, insurance fee, textbook fee (about 200RMB), accommodation, accommodation deposit (800RMB), etc., please prepare enough cash for payment.



V. Study and Life at Campus

1. When are the classes?

College of International Education : Monday to Friday, 8:30-12:20 A.M.

Other Colleges: Refer to the class schedule of each college.


2. Are there student canteens on campus? How much will the meals cost?

There are canteens providing all kinds of fast food on campus. You can apply for a meal-card with your student card. If you dine in the student canteens, the cost will be about RMB 25-50 per day.


3. What optional courses do you offer?

The International Education College provide optional course like Chinese Guzheng, Chinese Gongfu, Chinese calligraphy, dough modelling, tea and Chinese culture. The classes will be in the afternoons, from Monday to Friday, first two classes. You can choose the classes according to your interests and time.


4. How many students in one class?

Normally 15 to 20.


5. Is there Internet access in the dorms?

Yes, and the rate will be about 300 RMB per semester.


6. Can I live off campus?

Yes, you are free to live in a hotel, along with a local resident, or rent an apartment by yourself. If you choose to live in a private apartment, you should go through, along with the house owner, the housing register procedures at the local police station within 24 hours after your entry into China. If you live in a hotel, please present the hotel accommodation confirmation note when you register.



7.    Where can i get the SIM card?

There are two SIM services namely China Mobile and China Unicom offices inside the campus.


8.    Where can I open a Bank Account?

Towards the left side of the main gate in Ningxia Road, there is Bank of Qingdao (Living expenses of all scholarship students will be deposited here, so scholarship students must open an account hereand Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC); or you can take Bus no. 31 or 316 and get down at Yuanyang Guangchang station (3rd stop) to open an account in Bank of China (Currency Exchange can be done at Bank of China)